With Our Apps

If you think your business is ready to stand out from the herd click here to see all the other businesses that use our products.  Each of these business have chosen to stand out will you?

Stand out with our Apps!

Did you know that 81% of cell phone users have smart phones and use applications on them.

If your business, church, or organization isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity that’s available, you’re missing a chance to enhance the experience of your customers, clients, or members.

A mobile app can even benefit conference attendees and festival goers. In many cases, if one isn’t available, they are not only missing out on a more convenient, fulfilling experience,

but you are cheating yourself out of the benefits and rewards that can be reaped by being innovative and forward thinking.

In today’s digital world, just having a website isn’t enough anymore, and it isn’t going to separate you from the crowd, because everybody has one! It’s also important to include your social media channels and other tools that are available to help the user become more involved in your overall online marketing strategy. The best solution to this problem is to get a mobile app.

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Why do our apps rock?

Well for starters Google’s search engines immediately discern whether a website is mobile-friendly or not.  If it isn’t then the website is automatically lowered on the results list.  This means your business could be losing customers simply because they search for your site, don’t see it on the front page because it isn’t mobile friendly, and give up.  Don’t lose out on those potential customers.

Don't Lose Business

With our apps your website will ensure your site is mobile friendly by providing a landing page for mobile users to access all of your business information from.  Another reason our apps rock is because of the mobile-friendly buttons, styling, and animations we code into each app.  Every time a potential customer opens your app they will be treated to a full mobile experience with our custom larger buttons.  Also each app will be customized to show your individual businesses information easily and in a mobile-friendly way with our custom nav bars.
Mobile website features:
  • Complete mobile app / website design
  • GPS Directions that give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world
  • One Touch Calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember
  • Tell-A-Friend feature lets your customers take your business viral with built in sharing capabilities over Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • A Point of Interest displays any points of interest on a map
  • Event Listings feature allows you to include all of your businesses events on the go
  • Contact Information allows you to give customers multiple ways to contact your business
  • Native Image Gallery allows you to display images of your business in a beautiful image gallery optimized for iPhone and Android
  • Set up a fan wall for your customers to leave feedback on your business. Manage the comments online
  • Push notifications send messages to your customers whenever you’d like using our easy to use CMS