We offer a multi-dimensional marketing program that will give your business the exposure utilizing the internet that is required in today's business environment, including not only our online directories, but also incorporating Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.

When you get listed in one of our directories, and you reserve your city, or
even several cities in your market area if that's what is needed, those locations are taken off the market!! We only allow one (1) business per city in each directory. So call us now, &
Lock Out The Competition!


Having a phone number that spells a businesses' name has long been a recognized marketing tool that works. The reason is simple. Anything that makes it easy for someone to remember how to contact you is very valuable, and CyberComm Marketing, LLC has acquired the internet addresses that act just like those old, easy to remember phone numbers.

CyberComm Marketing can provide the complete package to get you on the Internet in a way that won't bust your budget. We can list you on one of our online directories for as little as $4.95 a month. The best thing about our program is the risk involved. If our program works you can stay on it. If you don't think we're worth it, get off. There is no minimum monthly contract. You can cancel anytime.



Why Our Online Directories Work!

We all know that the best advertising is "word of mouth". We also know that repeat customers are the best way to build a business, but in order for that to happen they have to find you the first time! 
Many businesses have websites, but it doesn't matter if people can't find it when they are looking for your services in your area. What we do is get our clients found on the Internet utilizing our directories, our blog, Twitter accounts, & Facebook pages.
      If the owners of McDonald's thought they could sell all the burgers they wanted with just one location, then they would still have only one location. Likewise, If your business only has one website then you are making it harder for potential customers to find you. If you are not using blogs, Twitter, or  outlets like Facebook to reach potential customers you are not taking advantage of everything available to you. We help businesses reach their potential by helping them use the Internet more effectively. That's what we do.
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Why Our Online Directories Work!

CyberComm Marketing, LLC was founded in 1999 with one online directory that offered an internet presence to local businesses. We now have close to 1000 generic,  descriptive website addresses that tell people exactly what you do for a living. If you fix it, rent it, ship it, clean it, install it, or remove it, we have an online directory that can help your business get found on the net. CyberComm has clients in 46 states, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Lebanon, that have made the decision to let CyberComm help their businesses become more visible by utilizing the internet more effectively.

Why Our Online Directories Work!

  • The zebra reminds us that even though there is no animal on earth that has a more opposite color scheme than black and white, it still becomes invisible when he's with the rest of the herd. They actually blend in and become just a blur to predators.

  • Businesses need to do something different in order to stand out from their competitors, & NOT get lost in the herd. If you become a blur in the business world you may also become invisible.

  • CyberComm only allows one business in each city to be listed, so you can
    "Lock Out The Competition"

  • We help businesses get in front of their competition every day.

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