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CyberComm Marketing, LLC started in 1999 with one online directory & now has hundreds of directories that tell people exactly what you do. We have everything from &, to WeCleanSepticTanks or When someone goes to these sites, they enter their city and state to find your business in your city. What’s special is that we only list one business. Thats it. When you reserve it, it’s gone!! The business can create their own web card that lists all contact information, including even having the click to call function from their phone while they are looking at your website, and Google Maps is initiated and gives them turn by turn directions if they don’t know exactly where you’re located. EVERYTHING is listed on the card, from a link to your website, to your social media all listed in one place. Also, when you create a card, you are automatically listed on with other businesses in your city. The cost is only $4.95 a month, or $49.95 annually. There is a one time set up fee of $9.95.



Our City Info

Thank you for checking out our mobile app, a part of the “Our City Info” series of mobile apps that enables access to local information that’s important to residents and visitors alike in your area. We’ve included information concerning...

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The OK Vape Jam has an app!!

The OK Vape Jam Has an App! If you are heading to Oklahoma City this weekend for the 2016 Oklahoma Vape Jam, then be sure to visit Google Play or iTunes and check out the Oklahoma Vape Jam app. Schedules, vendor information, links to the Oklahoma City premier of...

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Magee MS Now Has an App That Rocks!!

Yes it’s true. Magee MS Now Has an App That Rocks! Ever wanted to check out who’s who in city government?  Or maybe need a doctor and don’t know who to call?  Check out the new Our City Info:  Magee, MS app and you will never have that problem again. Does...

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7 Must-have Tools for Ed Conferences

7 Must Have Tools For Ed Conference I was sitting here this morning taking a break and drinking a cup of coffee when I ran across this article.  Conference season is in full swing, and  conferences are trying to better reach their participants.  This article lists 7...

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The Little Dooey Now Has an App That Rocks!!

Welcome to The Little Dooey.  The Little Dooey is located in Starkville, Mississippi and now has an app. Fun is a family recipe. Originating in Starkville, Mississippi, The Little Dooey™ has become the most popular barbeque destination in the region, attracting...

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Small Time Hot Dogs Now Has an App That Rocks!!

Welcome to Small Time Hot Dogs.  Small Time Hotdogs is based in Montgomery County, Mississippi. They have been in existence since 2013.  Their mobile trailer travels from Jackson, MS to the Memphis, TN metro area.  They provide meals to a variety of clients and...

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Why Food Trucks Need an App

I was sitting here today looking through my various social media timelines (read Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ ) and ran across the following tweet: Then there was this one As you can see sometimes even the best laid plans of times go astray.  That is where a...

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Hungry to tap food truck potential

I’ve been seeing more and more articles about food truck popping up all over the place.  More cities, large and small are seeing more food trucks opening.  And this is great.  Great food, and mobile too!!  Mobility is the best part of food trucks. But with...

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