Our City Info

Thank you for checking out our mobile app, a part of the “Our City Info” series of mobile apps that enables access to local information that’s important to residents and visitors alike in your area. We’ve included information concerning everything from city govt and the Chamber of Commerce, to local healthcare information and the obituaries. We’ve included links to the schools, the parks, the weather, and even local gas prices.  Our goal is to have as much information as possible about your city & area, either on the app, or linked to the info you desire using the app. The phone book and old city directories used to have all this information in one place. Now the Internet has scattered everything, so now you can’t find anything. Our goal is to get everything in one place. This mobile app makes it possible to have local information you desire literally ON YOUR PHONE. If you download the mobile app, it’s like having the information of 50 websites right under your index finger! From the contact information for local politicians, to turn by turn directions to a local business, you can find something that will be of interest to you. You have everything from local attractions, to upcoming events. Downloading the app will enable you to receive notifications from sources that are important to you, from weather alerts & info on lost pets, to coupons or special deals from a local business. You get to choose if you want to be notified regarding anything at all, whether it’s just one area you’re interested in, or nothing at all!

Mobile Tech Expo App

Check out our newest mobile app.  This one is for the 16th annual Mobile Tech Auto Recon Expo. Mobile Tech Expo is a 2 day event being held from 29th January to the 30th January 2016 at the Caribe Royale, Orlando in Orlando, United States Of America. This event...

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Apps for Food Trucks

Food Trucks & Mobile Apps go together like burgers and fries. Would it be a benefit to your food truck business if your customers had your menu with them at all times, and any changes you make would be changed on their smart phone in real time? Would it be a...

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Mobile App Info

Photos and videos are proven gold mines with mobile advertising, and according to Social Media Examiner, posting a photo with your content over Twitter can boost your retweet potential by 35...

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STAGgerIn Sports Grill

Back in April of 2011, the STAGgerIn Sports Grill opened it’s doors in Starkville, MS.  A comfortable sports grill with great food and drink, they had grown their web presence over the last few years. Recently the owner decided that his web presence and social...

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Here we come

Coming soon, OurAppsRock will be creating and sharing the best apps for your business.  So drop back by real soon and see what we have to offer.

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