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I’ve been seeing more and more articles about food truck popping up all over the place.  More cities, large and small are seeing more food trucks opening.  And this is great.  Great food, and mobile too!!  Mobility is the best part of food trucks.

But with mobility comes the need to let your patrons old and new where you will be on any given day at any given time.  That’s where a mobile app comes in.  Why an app?  Because users are overwhelmingly using their smartphones to access the Internet and do business more and more every day, PLUS, it’s mobile!!!  Let your customers know in a timely manner where you will be.  Let them know of any specials they can get because the have your app.  Repay THEIR loyalty by giving them rewards for using your app.  So whether you are New York City, Los Angeles, Omaha, Houston Texas or Houston Mississippi, a mobile app is a must for your business.

If you would like to help increase your business, and make it more accessible and user-friendly in the mobile driven world, contact us at or or call 1-888-841-9487 and let us see what we can do to help mobilize your food truck business.